One of the best things about being an author is meeting readers. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I don’t just write for me. I write for you, the reader, and consider it my responsibility to create a story that leaves just enough room for you to feel connected but not limited. I want characters that are real, but flexible. Stories that have heart and meaning, but are not so explicit that you can’t make the meaning evolve to the space that you are in.

All that gobblygook aside, I want to meet reader expectations. That’s a big part of being a romance novelist: knowing what readers want and fulfilling their desires in a way that touches both writer and reader. And how do I know what readers want? First and foremost, I am reader myself. I’ve been reading romance since I was a little girl (probably well before I should have been). Short category, epic historical, contemporary, Regency, erotica. You name it, I’ve read it and loved it. But next to that, I need to talk to and hear from readers.

I get feedback and contact with readers a number of ways. Some of you write me, and I adore you and (barring some technological fail) try to write back promptly. Some of you post reviews on Amazon and B&N (bless your heart!), or review your books on your blogs. Reviews are essential to those of us playing the publishing game, and I appreciate those reviews more than I can say. But the very BEST, most WONDERFUL way I have to contact with readers is to meet them.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting readers. I love answering questions, talking books, talking writing, squealing, hugging, and even debating about the future of publishing (because I’m a lawyer, yanno, so I sometimes have a hard time keeping my mouth shut). 😉

Which brings me to WORDSTOCK. Wordstock is a huge literary festival in Portland, featuring all sorts of fantastic authors. If you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoy hearing talking books, this is a “do not miss” sort of event. This year, I’m appearing a number of times, both to talk YA and adult romance. My schedule is:

October 13
3:30 YA Stage, I’ll be talking about my young adult fiction.
5:00 Work for Art Stage, I’ll be talking about my adult romance.

October 14
3:00 National Endowment for the Arts Stage, I’ll be part of a panel on Electronic Voyeurism
5:00 YA Stage, I’ll be moderating a panel on trends in YA paranormal books.

Tons more details on Wordstock are on the festival website. You can find me here.

I would love to see some friendly faces in the crowd, and wow, it would be fantastic if some of you introduced yourselves, or came to me for an autograph. I will have swag to give away, including a SNEAK PEEK–CAN’T FIND IT ON THE INTERNET ANYWHERE I GUARANTEE–look at the cover for my October release, THE BOSS’S FAKE FIANCEE. A few people will walk away with free books. Doesn’t that sound fun? 😉

Over the next few days, I’ll be blogging again about my panel topics. I’m particularly interested in hearing from you about the electronic voyeurism topic (what do you like to see when you peek into a bedroom via your Kindle, Nook, or iPad?) and in getting ideas for the YA paranormal panel. Stay tuned for more to come!