Seeing the Daffodils

I am lucky enough to be able to walk my children to and from school every day, but like many Blackberry-obsessed, Twitter-addicted people, I usually spend part of that walk restlessly scrolling through messages and tweets, or worse yet, emailing people while I walk.

There are two reasons this is a dangerous pursuit: first, I’m not nearly coordinated to walk and type at the same time, let alone do both while being dragged along by my enthusiastic puppy. Tripping is an everyday hazard. (So far, I am relieved to report no serious injuries.) Second, and more importantly, as I walk along, glued to my screen, I am missing the opportunity to see the world around me.

I am working on this. I have a stack of books on mindfulness, meditation, and “becoming conscious” that I will almost certainly read (if I can ever get myself away from the computer). I do yoga and work in the garden, in the hopes of regaining some control over my restless mind. But really, it’s not that hard to become mindful. It just requires looking.

So this morning I looked. And guess what I saw? My neighbor’s daffodils. Were they there yesterday? Oh yes. Have I seen them before? Probably. Did I really SEE them? Absolutely not.

This morning, however, filled with thoughts of the earthquake in Japan and the potential for a tsunami surge at the Oregon coast, I did. I put away my Blackberry and looked around. I saw the daffodils.

They are beautiful flowers, bright yellow and jaunty, promising warmer weather, more rain, and lots of green. I spent a minute and appreciated them, wondering how it was possible they’d been there for weeks and I’d been walking by, oblivious.

This morning I appreciated the daffodils.

I hope you get a chance to find something to appreciate this morning, too.