Radiant Desire

Radiant Desire

The object of every man’s fantasy just lost her wings…

Kaia Verde is one of the four Faerie Handmaids of Zafira, Queen of the Fey. To redress an ancient wrong done to Zafira by a human king, the Handmaids make sport of mortal men, seducing and humiliating them. When Kaia sets out to seduce Garrett Jameson, but ends up being the one surrendering to pleasure, Zafira is furious. Kaia’s punishment is simple: make Garrett fall in love with her by the summer solstice, then break his heart, or face eternity without her wings—or her soul. To make the task harder, Zafira tells Kaia she cannot use her faerie magic or charm to lure Garrett into her bed.

…and now she’s losing her heart…

Kaia thinks her task will be relatively easy—as a faerie, she understands lust, and can love be much different? But once she is living among the humans, Kaia discovers the race she once disparaged is far more complex and beautiful than she imagined. She learns before she can break Garrett’s heart, she must find a way to heal it. And eventually, discovers that losing her wings may be a far easier price to pay than losing her heart.


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Reviews for Radiant Desire

“More sensual delights than a waltz through a fairy garden! Inara Scott’s tale of hope and surrender had me turning pages late into the night. One of the most enjoyable paranormal romances I’ve ever read!”

Jeri Smith-Ready, PRISM-award-winning author of SHADE and WICKED GAME

“Radiant Desire was utterly beautiful….Inara Scott has a gift for romancing her readers.”

Aimee, Coffee Table Reviews

“A beautiful reminder of the power of love and humanity. A sweet and sexy story—the kind of fairy tale you WANT to come true!”

Jessa Slade, author of The Marked Souls series