Exposing Alix

Exposing Alix

Under the name Alix Z, Daisy Zahn was once a wildly successful director of romantic, erotic movies. But when her pursuit of love left her with nothing but heartache, Daisy left Hollywood for a small-town in Oregon, and closed off her heart for good.

Bad boy actor-director Ryker Valentine wants nothing to do with love or romance, but when critics complain his love scenes are too cold, he seeks out the mysterious Alix Z to add her sexy spin to his latest film. Ryker quickly becomes fascinated by the reclusive beauty and determined to show her that sex doesn’t have to be cluttered with emotion. But in the heat of their passion, can he keep his own heart out of the shot?




Readers Rave:

“A unique storyline, passion and depth, intelligence and humor, wisdom and courage as well as beautifully described sensual scenes that are intimate in the truest sense!”

SAS on amazon.com

“I cried when I read the last few chapters. I wish I had a thousand pages to read.”

M. Cole on amazon.com

“A true longing for acceptance and love…… could read it over and over and over again.”

Pepper Wheeles on amazon.com

“[A]ll Alix wants is love and that’s what I love about her…” -Lady Raven Rave,.”

Lady Raven Rave on Romance Junkies