A Novella and an Announcement

Seducing-The-Girl-Next-DoorIt’s here! Simon and Jenna’s love story, Seducing the Girl Next Door, has finally arrived. And with it, I have an announcement.

First, let’s just take a moment to enjoy Simon’s gorgeous, thoughtful, passionate face.

Yep. He’s a keeper. ūüôā

Seducing the Girl Next Door is a Bencher Family novella, and with my usual crackerjack sense of the romance market, it’s about a divorced, 30 year-old mother of three who rediscovers her self and a lost love while on a business trip in Beijing.

(Ha! If you think there’s a big market for romance novels about a divorced mother of three, you’ve got about as much sense of what sells as I do!)

This novella, as usual, speaks to my core optimism about love, rebirth, and second chances. There’s also some naughty bits that are definitely not child-appropriate. ūüôā If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in the midst of a busy holiday season that celebrates finding yourself (and you’re over 18) this may be the book for you.

You can find all the links and publication info here: http://www.inarascott.com/adult-books/seducing-the-girl-next-door/

And now the announcement.

I’m taking a break from writing.

I’ve debated how to say this, and finally¬†decided simple is best. It’s been an amazing four years: ten releases, five languages, twenty incredible¬†covers,¬†and thousands of readers.¬†I love and adore all of you, my¬†friends, and I appreciate your¬†support more than I can say.¬†I definitely won’t¬†say I’m never coming back to writing. I love it too much. But I need a little break from the¬†mountain¬†of time, energy, and heart that publishing demands.¬†I just wanted you to know.

What about Delcroix III?

Some of you might have seen my post on Facebook a few weeks ago about releasing an unfinished version of The Chosen on my website. I will probably do that soon. But I don’t plan on selling it, and¬†you won’t be seeing a polished, published version of it.

Wait, for reals? You’re going away?

Not completely! I just need to step away from the romance/writing party for a while to recharge my batteries and focus on my family. While I won’t be tweeting or Facebooking much on my author page, please feel free to friend my real self on Facebook, or email me at inara.scott at gmail.com.

You can also find me at my website www.inarascott.com, which should remain active for some time. If and when I do put The Chosen up somewhere, I will link to it there.

Love to you all,


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