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IMPORTANT UPDATE! First of all, let me say that I am overwhelmed at the response this weekend to my Bencher Family, especially Melissa and Garth! The Boss’s Fake Fiancee spent time in the top ten on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores, which is just unbelievable! And then just a few minutes ago, review #100 came in, which means it’s time to give things away.

First, a $25 gift card goes to ESTHER!!!! I’ll be emailing you this afternoon with your prize!

Because I am so excited, I am also going to give away THREE copies of book 3 in the Bencher family series, Falling for Mr. Wrong, to Claudia De La Fuente, Rosangela Jones and @Dandelionns!

Thank you times 100 everyone!!! 🙂

I was surprised and incredibly touched when The Boss’s Fake Fiancee first released a year ago, and we found that it really struck a chord with a lot of people. The hero, Garth Solen, is not the traditional romance novel alpha male. He’s a sexy billionaire, the head of his own company, and firmly and deliberately single–that’s all pretty standard. But when you start to get to know him, you realize there’s more under the surface. Garth loves deeply and fiercely, but he doesn’t open up easily.

He can’t. It’s far too frightening a prospect.

You see, Garth is on the autism spectrum. He finds social situations painful, and after some tough childhood experiences, has a very hard time trusting. He’s one of the most complex characters I’ve written, and one of the most dear.

He’s also hot. Let’s just be upfront about that. 😉 Here’s how Melissa, our heroine, describes him:

In person, of course, the first thing you noticed wasn’t his mind: it was the sexy curve of his mouth, his broad, rangy shoulders, and thick black hair. Right now, he was clean shaven, but by the end of a long day he would have an astonishingly sexy five o’clock shadow that only seemed to accentuate his piercing gray eyes.

Not that she looked.

Okay, she looked.

Yeah, she’s got a little crush, and by the end of the book, I hope you will too.

The Boss’s Fake Fiancee is currently on sale for only $.99. It’s also got 94 really lovely reviews from people who were touched by Melissa and Garth’s story. Frankly, I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to write this book. I worried that readers wouldn’t understand Garth, or his journey to love. I can’t believe how wrong I was.

Now, I’d like to give something back. If we can get to 100 reviews (it’s a nice round number; I think Garth would appreciate that) I’ll give a $25 Amazon gift card to a reader. Just let me know you want in on the contest by either:

1) Posting a link to this blog on your Facebook page (or sharing the post from my FB page announcing the contest: Facebook.com/inarawrites)

2) Tweet this: Love Garth? Review The Boss’s Fake Fiancee http://amzn.to/18G9x6Z! If @inarascott gets 100 reviews, she’s giving away $25 Amazon gift card!

3) Comment on this blog–make sure to leave your email address so I can get a hold of you if you win!

And thanks. (Garth says thanks too.)

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