Halloween Excerpt from A Sleep So Dark…

Small spooky woods

For Halloween, I thought it would be fun to post a little excerpt from A Sleep So Dark. In this scene, Cade has just been pulled into Tandy’s dream. Normally when this happens, he is invisible to the dreamer, but with Tandy, everything is different…


When he became lucid in the dream, he was in a forest, dark and thick with trees. It was not a Colorado forest. There were no evergreens rising straight and tall against the sky, no carpet of needles to cushion their feet. This was a forest of naked, curving branches. The trees had thick, gnarled trunks and a faint air of menace. Moonlight drifted through the canopy of leafless limbs.

He scanned the area quickly, trying not to panic when he didn’t see her.

He ran a few yards ahead on a narrow path that meandered through the trees. When he came around a sharp corner he saw the pale, silvery glow of a person moving through the colorless forest.

“Tandy?” he called.

The body came closer. Took form. The shape was familiar—small enough to fit in the crook of his arm but strong and graceful, long hair reflecting the moon. She assumed a crouch, tense and ready to run. “Who’s there?

He waved. “Over here. It’s me. Cade.”

“Cade?” She stopped, oddly unsurprised to find him there. “Are you coming with me?”

She could see him. His pulse began to race. They were in a dream together, and she could see him and hear him. Anything could happen now.

They met on the path. He slid his hand down her arm. He felt the firm, sculpted muscles of her shoulder, the soft skin on the back of her wrist, and the calluses on her palm. It didn’t matter anymore, he thought giddily, if he touched her. They were already intertwined. He could take her in his arms and pick up where they left off before they fell asleep. They could lose all control and no one would ever know…

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