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Pictures from Release Day!

I must preface this post by saying that I am the worst, and I mean absolute WORST, picture-taker. I never bring a camera anywhere, and on the rare occasion I do, I take horrible pictures.

I could claim it’s because I’m too busy “living in the moment” to stop and take pictures. But really, I think it’s a combination of my lazy/unskilled/impatient personality. My husband is slightly better than I am, because he at least WANTS to be a better photographer. Not that he does anything about it, but he’s got the desire. I’ve just given up completely.

So, with that stunning introduction…PICTURES!

These are all from my release day, at my local Borders, with dear friends who accompanied me to gawk at and buy my book, and even asked me to sign. They were all taken with my husband’s iPhone, thus the incredibly high quality.

Still…Aren’t we cute? 🙂


Thanks everyone for the emails and tweets and notes! I really appreciate it! 🙂

So I threw everyone’s name into the hat and……(drumroll, please….) The winner of the Delcroix prize pack with signed copy of the book AND groovy t-shirt is…


I must say, I was pretty relieved when I saw Shelby’s name, because she threatened bodily harm to herself if she didn’t win. WHEW! Dodged a bullet with that one. 😉

Now, to all the rest of you: DON’T LOSE HOPE. I have decided to give away a book every week in September — so keep checking the blog and twitter for another chance to win!

HUGS and KISSES — Inara

Release Day!

As an author, I am expected to be able to, you know, write things down. Express emotion. In words.

But this one is out of my league. Maybe there are some writers out there more capable than I (cousin Caedra, perhaps), who could put this swelling, overwhelming emotion into a series of letters that would be recognizable to other people.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Express the emotion of seeing my book on a bookstore shelf? Of my mom reading an acknowledgment I wrote to her for supporting me for my WHOLE LIFE? Of my sister calling first thing in the morning to tell me she was holding my book in her hands? Of my family traipsing all over the country from bookstore to bookstore to capture the thing in the wild? Placing orders on Amazon months in advance, and then letting me know when the thing has finally shipped? All my family, brother and sister, mom and dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, neighbors, critique partner, Romance Bandits, fellow YA writers, even total strangers writing me notes on the Internet to wish me well?

Nuh-uh. Not me. I don’t have those kind of skills.

So here are some more pictures, instead.

And one word for all of you: THANKS.

Contest REDUX

Okay, so here’s what happened on Friday. First, I posted my blog about the book trailer and contest. Perfect. I was incredibly happy with myself for actually putting up a blog and trying to get the book trailer in front of everyone.

Then I noticed that the comment function on the blog wasn’t working. Emailed web guru. Monkeyed around on the blog a little and then logged into WordPress, where I was informed that I had *updates!* to my widgets. Funny, I didn’t know my widgets needed updating, but whatever. I do what I’m told.

I pressed update…and then…the blog disappeared. The website disappeared. Everything disappeared except a nasty little message proclaiming a “fatal error”. Now how much does THAT suck?

Another frantic email to web guru, this one titled, “TOTAL DISASTER.”

I put up another blog so I could continue hosting the contest. Then waited, anxiously.

By 6PM my website was RESTORED! But comments still were not working on blog.

So here we are folks, with a very difficult to enter contest. But SOME of you, the truly enthusiastic ones, did send me emails/tweets/facebook notes, and commented on my faux blog. For this, I thank you.

BUT…I made this contest too darn awful to enter. So I’m going to extend it. Anyone who contacts me IN ANY WAY between now and the end of the week will be entered to win the prize pack: T-shirt AND signed copy of Delcroix Academy: The Candidates.

K? Make sense? Cool. Thanks for sticking with me.


Blogging By the Lake

It’s sunny and warm, but not too hot. The lake is cool, the air is sweet, and I’m…blogging. Not swimming. Blogging.

But of course I’m blogging! There’s just SIX DAYS until RELEASE DAY! SIX!

And I have a BOOK TRAILER to share! SQUEE!! I am dying for EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to see this. (Okay, small exaggeration. But did I mention that the girl playing Dancia is absolutely PERFECT? And goregous?)

So, I need a contest to celebrate. Here’s the deal — watch the trailer. Send me an email (, tweet, or comment on this blog and let me know what you think, and I’ll enter you to win a Delcroix pack with signed copy of the book AND super Delcroix Academy cool t-shirt! Contest runs until Saturday August 21, 5PM!

Sound good? Awesome! Now take a look — and send this to all your friends, okay?!

The Day I Began to Panic

Yes, folks, today was a notable day. In fact, I circled it on the calendar. And decided to blog about it. Because today is the day I officially began to panic.

Delcroix Academy: The Candidates releases in (quick math here…) 18 days. Eighteen Days. WHAT DO I DO?! I am suddenly convinced there are a million things I should be doing RIGHT NOW and I don’t know what any of them are! I am ready to curl up into the fetal position and rock on the floor, head buried between my knees. I suspect that will not be productive, so instead I’m blogging, answering emails, ordering “autographed by author stickers” and eating a lot of ice cream.

I think that last one is going to stay with me after the launch is over.

In other news, I got two entire boxes of books a few nights ago to sign and send back to Hallie, my publicity guru from Disney. Before sending them back, of course, I had to cover my bed with them and roll around like a mad woman. And take some slinky pictures of myself rolling around.

As Editor Ari put it, “You are one sick puppy.”